Chapter 2

The father walks in between the mountains of beer and dancing figures to the place where Pete is currently about to go in bed with a women.
“Stop right there!”
“Ugh, can it wait?”
“Listen up. My children can’t sleep because of this blaring music.” and then he looks. Pete’s thoughts were off in other places, as though he were tired or drunken. “Pete!”
“Get outta here!” Pete stood up and punched his neighbor square in the face.

At that moment, the old groggy man that had passed out suddenly disappeared. In his place stood the devil, cackling.


Chapter 1

Ding dong! The doorbell rings. Although it rings, no one hears it.

Ding dong! Again, it rings. Still nobody hears it.

Continuous ringing seems not to work, as this ringing as gone on for many times now. Going around the back, this one person seems extremely angry. Knocking on the back door, the man is finally greeted by blaring music and the smell of alcohol.

“Could you quiet down? My kids are trying to sleep!” The 41 year-old father¬†is extremely angry.

“Huh?” A groggy man stumbles out of the house. The father’s shoulder is suddenly used for support, the alcoholic’s hand resting on it, and he brushes it off. The drunk man passes out in front of the door. The father walks into the heat of the party to confront Pete.


You’d often think that every once in a while, there is that certain someone that is actually perfect, that everything they do is completely right. There are also those who are exactly opposite of that. But what about those who live two different lives?

His name was Pete Jones. He was a partier, a drinker, and wealthy man. You would think that someone of such prosperity would get somewhere. But no, he was a fool.

We now join in on a typical day in the Jones Manor. A huge celebration is being put on, an annual celebration. It is Pete’s twenty-third birthday.

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